20+ Years of Excellence in Healthcare Outreach!

"SportsCare is a coach's best friend"

Terry Bradshaw, NFL Hall of Fame

SportsCare USA drives business to healthcare providers using a targeted, sales-based approach to outreach.  SportsCare supports clinical personnel and hospital administration in areas far beyond sports medicine.  SportsCare's area of expertise is grass roots outreach marketing with an approach involving:

  • Driving new and insured business
  • Linking hospital service lines, physicians, programs and marketing efforts into a concise outreach program
  • Establishing consumer access points for clinical and education services
  • Defining appropriate consumer targets
  • Delivering program messages directly to defined community targets
  • Tracking and communicating financial impact

SportsCare facilitates these efforts through a variety of personnel, consulting and program solutions:


  • Full service solutions including local marketing personnel on-site
  • Financial Impact Tracking through the web-based Database Tracking Solutions, DTS System
  • Monthly, daily and event consulting package options
  • A library of outreach marketing best practices and signature events, the Project Event Network, PEN
  • Healthcare foundation support, FOS